Thursday, April 22, 2010

Crafting Professions

In reponse to Gevlin's post, Why should the crafting system NOT change?

I would like standardization among the different professions. Right now, JC, Inscription, and Enchanting have monotonous tasks that other professions do not. That is milling, disenchanting and prospecting. All other professions pick a number of items to produce and click create and go afk while they are created, then come back and craft the final product the same way. What I ask for is standardization. One click can trigger a disenchant, mill, or prospect on multiple items. If that's not the way that Blizzard wants to go(and I'm OK if they go either way), then remove the ability for other classes to make more than 1 thing at a time so everyone has to click for each item.

If Blizzard wants to make things cheap, they will go with automating milling, prospecting and disenchanting, which I think is the best choice for them to make. This lowers the investment of time into crafting, and will generate more competition.
If Bliz goes the other way and makes intermediate crafting materials one click each, then there will be massive QQ, etc, but it would effectively raise the prices of all the crafted items from all professions. This would make crafting attractive to more people and it would cut down on the amount of items that an individual can craft in a given time.

I see benefits on both sides, but I really don't see Blizzard expanding the 1-click per item system. I think the choices are to leave it as is, or make it automated.

What I am really interested in is a revamp of the low level crafting items. There are tons of useless items spread across many professions right now, and from what I understand from Blizzard's news releases so far, we should expect to find more useful low level items available to crafters, so that it may actually become a meaningful decision between disenchanting and selling them on the AH.

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